Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Smart Brain and a Magical Miracle Worker

I have a wooden wolf in my classroom that I have the students put on their desk when they go to the bathroom so that I can easily see who is gone.  Unfortunately my students have been rough on him and he was broken in three places.  It's a rough life being a wooden wolf in a second grade classroom.  I had all of the pieces to fix it and so I decided to bring it home and use my wood glue to fix it this weekend.

I was working on it while my brother was over and he actually ended up fixing it.  When I brought the wolf back to school I told them that I had fixed him this weekend and that they needed to be very careful with him. 

At this I hear one of the girls in my class say "You are a miracle worker!"  Made me smile.

During Guided Reading (when I am reading with small groups of students) I use some dice with questions on them after we read the story.  The kids roll and answer the question.  I have three different sets of dice for different levels of readers and different types of books.  I had a guided reading group come in.  The green die were on the table from a previous group.  Once the kids got going I put the green dice away and got out the blue ones that had more appropriate questions on them for the group I was reading with.  Later after the students had read the book one of the students in the group piped up and said "Now they're blue, she painted them!" 
Today I was working on re-teaching a small group of students a concept that we had already learned.  We were working on subtraction.  The students were working with some flash cards.  One of the students picked up a flashcard that had the problem "11-3" on it.  He answered 8 very quickly without using the number line which is uncharacteristic of him. 
Me: "How did you know it was 8"
Student: " I Guessed it in my brain"
Me: a face that tells him I don't believe him and that's not how we get answers
Student: "What?  I've got a smart brain today!"
I only wish I could show you his little smirk, he was so stinkin' adorable that I couldn't even be mad. 

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