Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miss Paul and Pit Bulls

This morning a student from another classroom came in and was looking through my ball bucket (where all the balls, coats, and lunchboxes are kept at lunch time) for his missing jacket.  It happened to be full with playground balls.  As I was looking through it with him he said "I think I know why your name is Miss Paul now, because you have so many balls"  Apparently he thinks that my name is Miss Ball.  It's cool, whatever floats your boat kid : )

This morning one of my students was sharing his Student of the Week poster with the class.  On it there was a picture of his dogs.  After he had shared his poster I asked the class if they had any questions for the student presenting.  One of the students asked how tall the big dog in the picture was.  The student replied very confidently "It's a pit bull so it's maybe like 5 or 10 feet tall." Now wouldn't that be a sight to behold!  I haven't taught measurement yet, looks like he will have a couple of things to learn in that unit : )

Another conversation that I had today with one of my students made me laugh:

Me: Get to work (Everyone had started working except this particular student)
Student: I have the hiccups.
Me: O.k. well you can still work even if you have the hiccups.

I love that I get to be around AWESOME kids every single day!  They really are the BEST!

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